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This Week: NiGHTS, Dreams, and lazy clip art album art.

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This Week: Sonic's HD Adventure the Second, inducing Nixon, and the Spindash becomes a credible news source!

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This Week: Rashomon and Sonic. And Digimon. And space bird genies. And a special announcement from GX. And also a special guest host too, I guess.

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This Week: Part Dos of Dos; The Spindash gang finishes their massive multi-topic episode with some tabletop gaming and cartoons.

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This Week: Part Uno of Dos; Ray, Shigs and GX catch up on Sonic merch and abstract jesters, while the Spindash trio looks back at E3 and Marscon 2012. BEHOLD THE PLASTIC GUNDAM!

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This Week: Sonic CD is complicated, and there's a 3DS in someone's pants.

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This Week: We catch up on the comic series with Sonic: Genesis.  Also, GX complains more about Geoffrey St. John.

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