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This Week: I mercifully avoid the pun "Sonic Gener-Ray-tions."  Wait... Crap!

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Snively laments his lost love, but the cold, peircing gaze of a shadowed figure allows him no peace.

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This Week: Elah joins us to talk Sonic music, Elah music, and his personal audio picks.

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This Week: Threes, D's, and S's.  There's probably some other stuff in this episode too.

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This Week: Generations stages, monochomatic Pokemon, and contest winners.

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Despite my better judgement, I've released the outtakes from our special Act 50 Generations skit.  For your own safety, I don't recommend listening to this, but if you happen to accidentally click play on your MP3 player, be prepared for 30 minutes of bad voices, spontanious singing, and audio so rough you can use it as sandpaper.

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This Week: We kill off our main villain and spoil the ending of Sonic Generations.  Plus, the return of Shigs and Ray!

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This Week: Generations demo, Disney ducks, and a load of spam.

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This Week: Sega Bits' Shigs stops over to fill us in on Sonic Boom and E3!  Meanwhile, Reef and Saber provide us with some rousing musical numbers.  Download the songs individually from

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