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Topics: Apple Arcade, Sonic as a space logo, and the Genesis Mini

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Topics: OK K.O. and a news update, but mostly just OK K.O.. Because what else is going on right now?\\Topics: OK K.O. and a news update, but mostly just OK K.O.. Because what else is going on right now?

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Topics: Sonic Revolution, E3 2019, hands-on with Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games 2019, and original fact book do not steal.

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Topics: Ethical movie redesigns, SatAM Patreons, and a heap of Sonic Tea-- err, Team Sonic Racing!

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This episode: The extended works of Spaz, and the history of Super Sonic Racing.

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Topics: The Sonic the Hedgehog movie trailer

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Topics: Sonic movie art leaks, Sonic X on Blu-Ray, and the SXSW announcements

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GX has a special announcement, not for new Spindash episodes (yet), but for a partnership with Sonic Stadium's Sonic Talk podcast!

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The Spindash Live! Feb. 2016 - Cautiously Pessimistic

Main Discussion: Quotes, quotes, quotes!! GX, Reef, Saber, and Jason discuss requent quotes from Iizuka and chat up the 2018 Sonic the Hedgehog movie.

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Welcome to Straw Hat Quarterly,'s One Piece viewing club podcast!  In this episode, hosts GX, Saber, Nux, and Reef discuss episodes 9-19, covering Luffy's adventures on Syrup Island, the introduction of the brave and couragous Captain Usopp, and Zoro's tragic past.

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Welcome to Straw Hat Quarterly,'s One Piece viewing club podcast!  In this episode, hosts GX, Saber, Nux, and Reef discuss episodes 1-8, covering Luffy's adventures in Alvida's pirate raid, Morgan's Marine base, and Buggy's festive camp on Orange Island.

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This Week, the Spindash crew gives their extended thoughts on the first episode of Sonic Boom, as well as the Sonic Boom 3DS Demo. The Spindash is back, baby!  Check out more at!

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This Week: The Celtic legend of Mr. Drippy, dissecting Labron, and enjoying a good Swatbot.  Be sure to send us your obscure audio formats! (Recorded February 24, 2013)

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This Week: Wii U, the greatness that is All Stars Racing Transformed, and a distrinct lack of Saturn advice.

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This Week: NiGHTS, Dreams, and lazy clip art album art.

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This Week: Sonic's HD Adventure the Second, inducing Nixon, and the Spindash becomes a credible news source!

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This Week: Rashomon and Sonic. And Digimon. And space bird genies. And a special announcement from GX. And also a special guest host too, I guess.

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This Week: Part Dos of Dos; The Spindash gang finishes their massive multi-topic episode with some tabletop gaming and cartoons.

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This Week: Part Uno of Dos; Ray, Shigs and GX catch up on Sonic merch and abstract jesters, while the Spindash trio looks back at E3 and Marscon 2012. BEHOLD THE PLASTIC GUNDAM!

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This Week: Sonic CD is complicated, and there's a 3DS in someone's pants.

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This Week: We catch up on the comic series with Sonic: Genesis.  Also, GX complains more about Geoffrey St. John.

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This Week: I mercifully avoid the pun "Sonic Gener-Ray-tions."  Wait... Crap!

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Snively laments his lost love, but the cold, peircing gaze of a shadowed figure allows him no peace.

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This Week: Elah joins us to talk Sonic music, Elah music, and his personal audio picks.

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This Week: Threes, D's, and S's.  There's probably some other stuff in this episode too.

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This Week: Generations stages, monochomatic Pokemon, and contest winners.

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Despite my better judgement, I've released the outtakes from our special Act 50 Generations skit.  For your own safety, I don't recommend listening to this, but if you happen to accidentally click play on your MP3 player, be prepared for 30 minutes of bad voices, spontanious singing, and audio so rough you can use it as sandpaper.

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This Week: We kill off our main villain and spoil the ending of Sonic Generations.  Plus, the return of Shigs and Ray!

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This Week: Generations demo, Disney ducks, and a load of spam.

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This Week: Sega Bits' Shigs stops over to fill us in on Sonic Boom and E3!  Meanwhile, Reef and Saber provide us with some rousing musical numbers.  Download the songs individually from

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This Week: Ray returns for some epic Sonic Colors and Sonic 4 discussion!

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This Week: Sonic 4 psudo-review, yarns deemed epic, and the shallow end of anime.

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This News Week: The iPhone gets Sonic 4, Mega Man gets Archified, and Naka gets vocal.

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This Week: Finally closing the door on Other M.  Also, Sonic 4 or whatever.

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This News Week: Senoue dishes to Nintendo Power and Iizuka has no middleground.

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This Week: An old expo, a new voice, a borrowed quote, and something blue.

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This Week: Sonic Colors isn’t on Earth, Sonic 4 isn’t this Summer, and we aren’t at Summer of Sonic. Recorded 6/5/2010.

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Dr. Reef kicks off our brief news digest series with a hat, a remix, and a new Wisp.

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This Week: SASSR gets Metal, Sumo gets Who, and Sonic gets cultural. Recorded 4/26/2010.

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Two new episodes on the way real soon.  Until then, enjoy this bonus.

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This Week: Battling with zoology, dismissing new technology, and questioning biology.

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In this experimental episode, GX exposes Reef and Saber to a few unfamiliar Sonic and Sega games.

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This Week: SSASR impressions, Reef faux pas (again), and a legend begins.

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This Week: Shadow's shadow is the evil Shadow, while candy hearts decide Sonic's fate.

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This Week: Everyone hates NiGHTS, Sonic 4, and Rhode Island.

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Everyone’s favorite award show returns for another year of the best and worst of Sonic.

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This Week: Knuckles beats everybody, Needlemouse rumors, and Mega Collection praise. Also, God drops the blobs.

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This Week: Needlemouse and SSASR rosters revealed, a bit of Let's Tap, and which listener is most like Switzerland.
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This Week: We catch up on old news, talk about our Christmas games, and GX complains about Unleashed.
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From the pages of Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog #6, comes a reading of this timeless Christmas classic by our very own Evil Dr. Reef.
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This Week: Sonic collections and remakes, SSASR character rumors, and the return of our fourth host.
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GX presents a holiday poem about the release of nearly every Sonic game since 2004.
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This Week: Ray returns to chat about the Sonic of this year and next.
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This Week: We celebrate our first year anniversary by talking to you!
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This Week: Defending Secret Rings, Ending the universe, and honoring the Cosmos.
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This Week: Lost voice, lost segments, lost from retail.
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In a hostile takeover, Metal Sonic, Tails Doll, and Metal Knuckles have spun a music special to send you into a world of darkness and nightmares...
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This Week: Full Reviews of Mario & Sonic Winter Olympics for Wii and DS.
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Complete Pre-Olympic coverage with all the hardest hitting stories. Only on SpinNN.
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This Week: Sonic & Mario, Mario & Sonic, and the Winter Olympic Winter Games Olympic.
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This Week: Holiday games, misdirected arguments, and pointless singing.
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This Week: Movie creators, level creators, and hype creators.
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This Week: Dreamed casts, needled mice, and Sonicced threes.
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This Week: Saber's silence, Eggman's mouth, and Sonic's third.
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This Week: Sonic drives, Sega talks, and listeners win!
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This Week: The worlds of Sonic, SAGE impressions, and our first contest!
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The lesser known cousin to the Genesis era, we take a week to celebrate Sonic's Master System and Game Gear soundtracks.
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This Week: Final bosses, Video Games Live, running fast, and rolling into a ball.
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This Week: Let's Tap review, Michael Jackson, and the greatest decade for cartoons.
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Just a brief announcement that there is no episode this week. Sorry!
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This Week: Banner non-apologies, life in the city, and hostile Reef takeover.
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This Week: Double Comic Spot, double Prope game releases, and double Random Banner clues.
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This Week: Electronic Entertainment Expo Expo, Ryan Drummond, and Tetris.
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A collection of classic Sonic songs remixed with a vocal flare.
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This Week: Sonic #200, E3 Predictions, and Reef Beatboxing.
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This Week: Rocket Knight rumors, Sonic on systems, and hosts hurting each other.
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This Week: Echidna Knuckles, Review Klonoa, and Difficulties Technical.
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This Week: Fan Characters, Fan Mail, and Fan Service.
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A tribute to Robotnik and his hatrid of the spiny, blue rodent.
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This Week: Sonic 2, a metric ton of E-mail, and factual inaccuracies.
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We take a look at the worst of the worst Sonic music.
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This Week: Interviews, Random Nonsense, and 4Kids Discussion from the Show Floor (This episode has slightly more mature language than our other shows, the equivalent of PG-13).
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This Week: We celebrate Big the Cat, Sonic Labyrinth, and communism!
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This Week: Sonic Universe #1, MadWorld, and burning rubber.
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This Week: Sonic & the Black Knight review, repetitive bashing, and K.K. Slider.
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This Week: Sonic the Movie, Knuckles the Spin-off, and Jukebox the Multiplied.
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This Week: Bad Sonic Pairings, Spotlight on “Tails”, and our dissent into madness.
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An homage to how completely effed-up the special stages are in Sonic games.
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This Week: Special guest Saber, Project Ringo, and Amy vs. Sally.
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This Week: The final Sonic X comic, an interview with 2P Start’s Ray Hargreaves, and breakfast cereal Lego’s.
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This week: Comic Spotlight, Fusion Fall, and Sonic 1 for Genesis.
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Our first ever award show on the best and worst of 2008!
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An ironic tribute to all those fictional characters introduced into the Sonic universe since its creation.
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This Week: Cosmo the Seedrian, Sega games, and Sonic multiplayer.
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This Week: An Insane Amy, Sega today, and a Blast Processing special.
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This Week: Sonics, Unleasheds, and a combination of the two.
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This Week: Reptilian ninjas, colorful beans, and everything leading up to the release of Sonic Unleashed!
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This Week: Introductions, Chao, and a Genesis Collection deemed “Ultimate.”
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